100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 17-18, 1919

“Puppy,” a hunting dog owned by Orie Hanovan, was bitten in the nostril Saturday by a big rattlesnake on the Kearney ranch on McKay creek. Hanovan and Forrest Baker were just ready to shoot two pheasants when the three foot rattler made a spring at the dog. Baker shot and killed the rattler. Although the dog’s head is badly swollen, it is thought he will recover. Turpentine and salt are being used as a cure.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 17-18, 1969

There’s a new champion zucchini picker at the Bill Johns ranch. Gerard Verdonschol, a 22-year-old Holland student, is spending five months on the Johns ranch at Athena learning about American farming. The Johns are teaching him a lot. All the basics, you know — like how to move irrigation pipes, how to drive pit tractor during pea harvest — this week is cattle week. They’re making sure he gets a lot of good, practical farm experience. Gerard loves it. He gets up early every day, works a 13 or 14 hour day, likes the weather, likes the people. He came on a program arranged through the Dutch and American governments. Although it is designed for farmers between 21 and 30, Gerard, an economics student at a university in Amsterdam, is interested in farming, and was given the opportunity to participate.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 17-18, 1994

The Boundary Fire southeast of Ukiah — touched off by a flash of lightning about two weeks ago — has spread to more than 6,600 acres and may grow as large as 16,000 before it’s out. It’s the largest fire to char a portion of the Umatilla National Forest since the 1986 season, when firefighters battled three “complex” fires at one time on the North Fork John Day Ranger District. While the threat to private property has been reduced significantly, officials on the Boundary Fire are closely watching the spread of flames to several creeks, all tributaries of the upper Grande Ronde River, which is home to spawning endangered Snake River chinook salmon.

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