100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 22, 1919

A sudden gust of wind caught a wing of the Ace Aircraft Corporation’s plane as it was being assembled yesterday and damaged the streamline slightly, necessitating repairs that will require until Sunday to make. The wing is being repaired in one of Pendleton’s warehouses today. Archie Roth, pilot, expects to be ready to make flights Sunday and will make test flights before taking up passengers. Several local people are already awaiting an opportunity ride through the air, Mr. Roth said today. He will demonstrate that all is safe before taking up passengers, he said.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 22, 1969

After a harrowing three hours without ambulance service Wednesday, the city of Milton-Freewater on accident-prone Highway 11 uncrossed its fingers shortly before noon when word came the city of Walla Walla was coming to the rescue. Walla Walla City Councilman L.D. Proctor informed City Manager Henry Schneider by phone that his city, cut off with Milton-Freewater from ambulance service by a firm no longer financially able to provide it, had leased an ambulance at Portland, fully equipped, on a $250 monthly basis. Temporarily the ambulance will come only to the Oregon-Washington state line, with patients in Milton-Freewater furnishing their own transportation to the line.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 22, 1994

Linus Pauling used to brag about Condon almost as much as Condon bragged about him. The two-time Nobel prize winner, who died at his ranch at Big Sur, Calif., Friday at the age of 93, never forgot his Eastern Oregon roots. When he returned to Condon in 1988 for the dedication of the airfield in his name, he fondly recalled his introduction to formal education: “I very well may owe a lot of my understanding of the nature of the world to the introduction I received in Condon.”

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