100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 4-5, 1914

The last reminder of the early day Pendleton Main street is passing today. Workmen this morning commenced tearing down the old wooden building at the corner of Main and Alta streets and when they have completed their work the business section of Main street will be lined with brick buildings on each side from end to end. With the exception of the K. of P. building on the corner of Main and Water streets, which now is not being used for business purposes and which soon is to give way to a modern structure, the Berkeley building is the last frame building on Main street. The building was built in the early eighties by Moses E. Folsom, father of Ralph Folsom, for a blacksmith shop. During the recent years it has been used as a restaurant.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 4-5, 1964

The proposal for a new Charter for Umatilla County was filed with the county clerk this morning after the Home Rule Charter Committee voted unanimously to submit the issue to the voters in November. The action ends months of work by the charter committee and follows three public hearings held in Pendleton, Hermiston and Milton-Freewater. The proposed charter is designed to permit changing from the present status as an agency of the state to a home rule county. The charter would enable the county to pass ordinances and perform other functions similar to those carried out now by cities. A board of five commissioners, one of whom would be chairman, would be the principal policy-making body of the county. Besides the board members, the sheriff would be the only other elective position. This means the county clerk, assessor and other elected positions would be appointive positions under the Home Rule charter.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 4-5, 1989

Former Pilot Rock High School principal Lawrence Wolfgram was sentenced to five years probation today for defrauding a Pendleton couple out of $80,000 in 1987. He also will be required to perform 250 hours of community service work in 24 months and will be banned from working as a financial securities sales agent. Wolfgram accepted $100,000 in three separate payments from Lloyd and Dorothy Stanley in 1987. He was then a securities agent for Financial Planners Investment Co. and promised the Stanleys he would deposit their money in Clifton Income Fund Limited Partnership. However, only $20,000 of the money was invested in Clifton. The Stanleys no longer work and the money they gave Wolfgram for investment was their life savings.

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