100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 3, 1912

Though Surveyor Erickson has determined that the murder of Ti-mot was not committed on the Umatilla reservation but on the land deeded to Sam Bitner, the matter of jurisdiction in the case has not been settled and may not be settled until the United States supreme court passes upon it, according to S.A. Newberry, U.S. commissioner and deputy district attorney. The contention that the case would be one for the state courts if the crime was committed on private land is based upon an opinion handed down by Federal Judge R.S. Bean several weeks ago upon an assault case committed by an allottee of the Siletz reservation just outside the boundaries of the reservation. However, Attorney R.J. Slater, one of the attorneys for Columbia George, the accused murderer, declares he has a supreme court decision contrary to Judge Bean’s opinion. The United States attorney at Portland, it is said, would like to have the question settled once and for all and may ask the highest tribunal in the land to pass upon it.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 3, 1962

A fire that started just before noon Wednesday on the R.L. Harris ranch on South Cold Springs road destroyed four buildings, threatened two homes and rolled across an estimated 400 to 500 acres of wheat stubble. Meanwhile, the Forest Service was knocking down nine fires in Umatilla Forest with its helicopter-borne crews. Fire danger continues critical today with extreme lightning danger in Umatilla Forest.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 3, 1987

A two-year-old by was bitten by a pit bull terrier Sunday morning when he wandered into a neighbor’s yard where the dog was tied up. Tony White, the son of Lucky and Earlyn Cool, was taken to St. Anthony Hospital, where he had surgery for multiple lacerations on the face and scalp. White received about 100 stitches and will have scars on his face, said Doctor Steven Neal, who treated the boy. White’s mother pulled the boy away from the pit bull and was bitten on the arm. Joanne Gist, owner of the dog, said the dog had recently had puppies and was trying to protect them. “I don’t think the fact it was a pit bull had anything to do with it,” she said.

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