100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 4, 1912

For the first time since irrigation took its place in the development of Umatilla county, violators of the laws regulating the use of water have been arrested on criminal charges. Today three prominent fruit raisers of the Milton-Freewater district, M. Shackleford, Fred Beller and Louis Winters, were placed under arrest for destroying the headgate boxes which gauge the amount of water used, upon complaints filed by Watermaster L.D. Howland. The boxes are placed at the head of each irrigating ditch and the law prohibits anyone except the water master from raising or lowering the gates. It is alleged that many water users totally disregard this law, opening and shutting the gates whenever they please. However, such flagrant violation as the destruction of the boxes is not so common and the authorities declare they will do their utmost to make an example of these men.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 4, 1962

The county clerk’s office today was checking signatures on 72 petitions to determine if a sufficient number were valid to force an election asking a change in Pendleton’s garbage ordinance which went into effect July 1. The petitions, carrying an estimated 1,200 signatures, were filed Thursday with the city recorder. Primary change asked is to do away with the exclusive franchise provision. The petitions ask an ordinance that would provide, instead, that franchises be awarded anybody meeting terms of an ordinance proposed by the petitioners.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 4, 1987

A dry Let ’er Buck Room during Round-Up? Unthinkable to many Round-Up fans and unlikely if the Round-Up Association’s long search for liquor liability insurance succeeds this week as expected. The Round-Up Association Board of Directors has been searching since December for what it considers adequate liquor liability insurance, said publicity director Doug Corey. The end of the search may come this week, association treasurer Orville Gerberding told the board Monday. The Let ’er Buck Room as been a favorite watering hole for fans during the four days of the Round-Up each year. Without liquor liability insurance, drinks could not be sold at the Let ’er Buck Room or at beer concession stands on the arena grounds.

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