100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Dec. 31, 1918 — Jan. 1, 1919

That he is still in the land of the living William Goedecke is today thanking the kind providence that takes care of taxi drivers. Last night at about 9:30 Mr. Goedecke, who is proprietor of the Geodecke Taxi Co., was taking a passenger south on Main Street and crossing the south track of the O.-W. yards when his car was hit by a freight car that had been shunted down the track by a switch engine. The car carried the taxi ahead of it for about 200 yards from the street crossing toward the round house. Mr. Goedecke in some unaccountable manner escaped injury other than being badly bruised, as did also Miss Ada B. Decker, who was the passenger. The car was badly wrecked.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Dec. 31, 1968 — Jan. 1, 1969

The unofficial temperature in Milton-Freewater Monday night was 21 degrees below zero. It had warmed up to 10 below by 6 a.m. today. City Manager Henry Schneider said three city employees are on vacation and three more are down with the flu, so it’s a good thing no major trouble has occurred in city services. One of the two fire sirens in town froze up, but the fire department has had just on minor call, with little damage reported. The big complaint in Milton-Freewater is the lack of television. The cable system is out, and Schnieder said almost every call that comes into his office is from someone who wants to know if it will be back in service for the New Year’s football games.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Dec. 31, 1993 — Jan. 1, 1994

Jean Thames was bedridden. At 68, diabetes, heart troubles and ailments of one kind or another had shoved Thames into a corner of her small house. George Lott was a laid-off mechanic, burly and bearded, who did odd jobs to make ends meet. But five years ago, Lott traded in his overalls for an apron. And Thames got out of bed and back into life. The state’s Senior and Disabled Services Division administers Medicaid funds to pay Lott, 47, for round-the-clock care and companionship of the 73-year-old Thames. “It seemed like he would build my spirit up,” says Thames, of her days where she barely crept to of bed. “Before that, I had more or less kind of given up. But he says, ‘You’re not doing that.’”

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