100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Dec. 22, 1920

Whether or not Umatilla county will be permitted to make its $8,000 donation to the starving children of Europe in flour instead of money has not yet been decided and J. V. Tallman, county chairman, is awaiting word from Robert L. Smith, state chairman. Because flour is needed by the hungry youngsters in foreign lands, and because Europe will have to purchase flour in this country, doing so would help both the committees in charge of the relief drive and the “Buy a Barrel of Flour” movement. Shipment of the flour would be made in jute sacks, comprising three carloads. Mr. Tallman has not yet heard from various parts of the county regarding the success of the drive, but he is sure that Umatilla will have no difficulty in securing the necessary quota which would save the lives of 800 children. Pendleton’s portion, $4,000, is in sight. The remainder of the county is to secure $4,000 as well.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Dec. 22, 1970

Umatilla’s downtown district has a new attraction that’s drawing major interest. A year-old golden eagle stands on its perch in a large window at the office of the Umatilla Wildlife Refuge. The female eagle was given to the refuge early last summer and personnel have been sheltering the 13-pound bird ever since. Bill Nuess, refuge manager, says after hunting season ends they will probably release the eagle. The female golden eagle is noticeably larger than the male. Except for the golden-brown hackles on head and nape of neck, the American golden eagle is dark brown, appearing almost black at a distance. Life span of the eagle is estimated at 30 years.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Dec. 22, 1995

Smith Frozen Foods, Inc., has been placed on notice by a new water protection group of its intent to sue the food processor for alleged violations of the federal Clean Water Act. The Umatilla Water Protection Association filed the 60-day notice of intent to sue on Wednesday to the company owned by State Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Pendleton, a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Bob Packwood. The notice alleges that Smith Frozen Foods has continually discharged polluted water into Pine Creek, which flows out of the Blue Mountains above Weston and eventually joins the Walla Walla River. A spokesman at the Smith campaign headquarters said the timing of the lawsuit has obvious political motivations, but this was denied by the Columbia Basin Institute, which organized the plaintiffs and the possible lawsuit. “When you have someone looking for public support, as Gordon Smith is, he will be more willing to solve the problem,” said Bill Bean, director of the institute. “Simply put, it’s a good time for the community to address this problem.”

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