100 years ago — 1921

Wax Wings, either Bohemians or the cedar wax wings, were seen yesterday in Pendleton. A report on the presence of birds in the north part of the city which seemed to be spending their time eating snow aroused the curiosity of citizens, Edgar F. Averill, Pendleton’s leading naturalist, says that the cedar wax wings are more common here than the Bohemians. The birds are native to the Northland but they migrate to warmer climates in the winter. They are called wax wings on account of a small growth which resembles wax which appears on the tertiary wing feathers.

50 years ago — 1971

Pendleton has a community Christmas tree. It was believed that the Round-Up City was to be without a community tree this year because the one volunteered was too large to haul to Dorion and Main, where it was to be erected. But Betty and Fred Gray, who live 25 miles east of Pendleton near the Umatilla River, donated a tree and it was erected Sunday by the Jaycees. Jaycettes decorated the tree later that day. At the same time, Pendleton firemen were busy adjusting the Christmas decorations provided by Pendleton merchants. Trouble has been experienced with the lights because the wiring has not been heavy enough to withstand the strong wind encountered several times during the last few weeks. The only thing missing was snow, but few besides youngsters were complaining about that.

25 years ago — 1996

Short of going under cover, it’s difficult to substantiate a comment that underage youths can get into a local exotic dance club. A quote by a Hermiston High School student in the Nov. 27 issue of the school newspaper, stating that he got into The Riverside because he “knows the bouncer,” raised eyebrows in the community. However, Umatilla Police Chief Travis Eynon said he’d heard nothing about underage people in The Riverside until he received calls from community members upset about the comment in “The Bulldog.” Because the club has been denied a liquor license, patrons need only be 18 years old. Ed Dufloth, the strip club’s owner, doesn’t believe the claim. “We are very strict about checking IDs. I’ve talked to the two bouncers and they are very perturbed about it,” he said. Umatilla Mayor George Hash, who makes no bones about The Riverside “being a bad thing for our city,” said he’d heard nothing about underage patrons in the club until the story appeared in the student paper. Eynon’s faith in Dufloth and his employees comes from past practices at the club. “They have been very cooperative with law enforcement,” the chief said.

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