100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Dec. 13, 1913

One of the most thrilling rides ever made on Court street and one of the greatest exhibitions of pluck seen anywhere was afforded pedestrians at 2:15 this afternoon when a farm team dashed at breakneck speed for four blocks along the paved thoroughfare with the wagon careening and sliding in a way that threatened at every moment to throw the lone occupant from the wagon. Miss Florence Phillipi, teacher of the school in District No. 98, was the lone occupant and she was greeted as a real heroine by the crowd which rushed up when she had succeeded in stopping the horses. Even when both horses slipped and fell, causing the wagon to whipcrack around them, the plucky young teacher held her seat. As the horses regained their feet and started back the way they had come, several men were able to catch the team before they had made a half a block.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Dec. 13, 1963

Pendleton drug stores are still refusing to fill prescription for welfare patients, Umatilla County welfare administrator Mrs. Robert Hubbard said Thursday. But drug stores in Athena, Hermiston and other county communities are filling prescriptions and in Pendleton St. Anthony’s Hospital has stepped into the breach, she told the welfare commission. Relatives are helping, too. “It’s up to the state office to iron this out,” County Judge D.R. Cook said. Judge Cook suggested the state cut back on its expensive welfare probe program by letting local officials, such as the district attorney, do the checking, and use the money thus freed for medicine.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Dec. 13, 1988

Police Officer Steve Hargraves got on so well with his partner at the Pasco Police Department he brought him along to his new job on the Umatilla Police squad. Hargraves, hired last week as senior patrol officer for the city, makes rounds with seven-year-old Lesco, his German shepherd police dog. Lesco and Hargraves have been a team nearly six years. Lesco was born and trained in Germany. In 1982 Hargraves was searching for the first police dog to bring back to his Pasco unit. He found Lesco at a California kennel where the dog learned to respond to Hargraves only, and Hargraves learned to give commands in German. Since then English has worked into the training and Lesco knows when he’s in trouble in either language.

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