100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Feb. 9-10, 1919

A strong appeal is being made for the preservation of the national game reserve in Harney county as a memorial of Colonel Roosevelt by William L. Findley, state biologist. It was Roosevelt, when president of the United States, who issued the proclamation making a federal game preserve of Harney and Malheur lakes. The reserve is now the greatest natural breeding ground for water fowl in the United States. An effort is being made to get a bill through the Oregon legislature permitting the draining of the lakes to permit the faming of the land. Pendleton men are asked to send protests against the passage of the law to members of the legislature.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Feb. 9-10, 1969

Two Pendleton men may have saved the lives of three people Saturday on snow-swept Highway 204 near Tollgate. Jerry Keown and Lyle Zink, employes of Pacific Power and Light Co., were on their way to work on the Walla Walla-Enterprise transmission line about noon when they saw a car buried in snow but its motor still running. They investigated and found the car’s occupants nearly overcome, probably by carbon monoxide from the engine’s exhaust. Keown and Zink, trained in first aid, got the people out of the car and rendered resuscitation, reported Charles McQueary, PP&L’s Pendleton district manager. The car’s passengers were not identified, but all recovered rapidly in the fresh air outside the vehicle.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Feb. 9-10, 1994

Emergency planners have been budgeted money to create safe rooms in Hermiston-area schools to protect them from a chemical weapons emergency. About $2 million from the federal government will be used for “positive overpressurization” rooms in each of the schools. In such a room, air leaks would be sealed off and the air intake would be filtered. The air pressure would be higher inside than outside, keeping contaminated air from seeping in. Hermiston’s Good Shepherd Community Hospital and Good Samaritan Center nursing home also would be outfitted with safe rooms under the program.

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