100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Feb. 11, 1920

Kid Williams, 125 pound local wonder, has agreed with the boxing committee of the local legion post to meet any man of his weight in the northwest whom the committee can match to meet him in the smoker to be put on February 28 before the service men of Umatilla county. Williams is reported to carry a wicked punch and the committee is seeking a hard hitting lightweight to go on with him in one of the preliminaries. Some talk is heard of a battle between a couple representing the east and west legion posts. The alfalfa growers are said to be anxious to demonstrate their superiority over the prune growers within the hempen square and a bout probably will be arranged for them.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Feb. 11, 1970

Wray Hawkins and Joe Temple were elected Happy Canyon directors Monday night at a meeting of the Happy Canyon board. Hawkins was elected bar director and Temple was elected games director. Both Hawkins, 44, and Temple, 32, have lived in Umatilla County all their lives. Hawkins lives at Myrick Station near Helix and farms in the Echo-Butter Creek country. He is lecturing knight of the Pendleton Elks Lodge. Temple, who lives at Middle Cold Springs, farms in the Helix area and is the president of the Umatilla County Association of Wheat Growers.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Feb. 11, 1995

The memories of Round-Ups past roll from “Papa Jim” Simpson’s mind like the steam-engine train that chugged into Pendleton for the first rodeo in 1910. Simpson was 8 years old when he joined his father, a rancher outside of Weston, for the first Round-Up, but the 85 years since then haven’t blurred the images for the Walla Walla Indian. He remembers riding horseback for 3½ miles to Weston, where they left their horses at a livery stable and rode the train to reach the Round-Up City. In those early years, Lee Caldwell was Simpson’s favorite Round-Up cowboy. In 1915, when Simpson was 13 years old, Caldwell became the first Pendleton cowboy to win the all-around award and took the saddle bronc championship.

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