100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Feb. 13, 1919

Mrs. Charles F. Daniels, wife of the well known Pendleton farmer, probably holds the record for correspondence with soldier and sailor boys.

During the war she has kept up correspondence with 98 different Umatilla county boys in the service and has written more than 1700 letters to them. During the past 12 months she has written an even thousand letters and sent 898 packages.

Mrs. Daniels was prompted to take up this form of service through the fact that her own son, Francis Daniels, is in the service and had written of how letters were appreciated and of how some the boys had no one to write to them.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Feb. 13, 1969

Plans for much needed additional parking space in the north business district of Milton-Freewater came to a halt with receipt of a letter from the State Traffic Control Board refusing to approve the proposal, city manager Henry Schneider told the city council Monday night. In refusing permission to make Robbins Street two-way and N. Main one-way, the board said the streets were too narrow and the condition of paving was poor on both these and intersecting streets. The letter also pointed to 15 daily train movements in summer along Robbins Street.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Feb. 13, 1994

The five-year-old daughter of a missing Pendleton woman saw her father kill her mother, according to police testimony last month in a child custody hearing.

Phil Arnold, an Oregon State Police detective, testified the the girl told investigators her father had shot her mother.

Authorities have confirmed that the girl’s father — LuRay Batterton — is the chief suspect in the disappearance and possible murder of his wife, Vicki Batterton, who has been missing since October of 1992. The girl told officials her father threatened to spank her if she talked about it.

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