100 years ago — 1922In the days when Pendleton’s Round-Up was in its infancy, a cowboy who called the world his home and who led the life of a roving gambler rode in the arena at the big out-door show. He was Three-Fingered Jack (W. A. Godwin), now famous throughout the United States as an evangelist, and who is in Pendleton for a series of meetings at the Methodist church. For 22 years Three-Fingered Jack roamed the world and lived under every law known to man. Sometimes these restrictions became irksome and he made laws unto himself, spending time in hospitals and jails in consequence. Eleven times he was seriously injured in shooting scrapes, and lost the tips of two fingers on his right hand at Bonner Springs, Kansas, winning for himself his soubriquet. It was in February 1908 that Three-Fingered Jack accepted Christianity and the significance of his name, “Will Godwin” burst upon him and he answered the question “Will God Win?” in the affirmative.

50 years ago — 1972Women’s lib came to the Umatilla School District meeting on two different counts Thursday night. While trying to select budget committee members, board member Helen Howard pointed out that women are generally by-passed for the budget committee. She cautiously mentioned women’s lib. No final appointments were made to fill the two positions, but the prospects are that at least one of the appointees will be a woman. Also at the meeting, ex-officio student board member Ron Starker told the board that girls in high school are complaining they have to take physical education in order to participate in athletics, but boys don’t. Principal Lewis Welch said that boys participating in the three or four sports was all the PE they needed. Board member Charles Cook said he has always liked preferential treatment for girls.

25 years ago — 1997

When Mr. Smith went to Washington, he didn’t go alone. A host of Pendleton people enjoyed a whirlwind visit to the nation’s capitol for the swearing-in ceremony of Gordon Smith, the newest Oregon senator. Making the trip were Steve and Susan Corey, Dr. Steve and Susan Neal, Jim Whitney, Kelly Brown and 1996 Round-Up Queen Jodi Severe. Also on hand was Liz Lorenzen, who was already busy with her new job of running Smith’s Eastern Oregon office. Although there was the expected confusion when two couples named Steve and Susan are traveling together, a grand time was had by all. In addition to the ceremony and sightseeing, many of the group were deeply moved by a visit to the Holocaust Museum. Sylvia Kay, formerly of Pendleton, works at that facility and gave the visitors a tour.

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