100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 30, 1919

As a result of negotiations completed last evening the newly incorporated Inland Empire Bank of Pendleton secures as a location the Miller building, occupied by the Leader store, at the corner of Main and Court streets. The stock of the Leader store has been purchased by Bond Bros. and will be disposed of on sale. It was announced today by men in charge of the new bank that the bank has a 20 year lease on the property and that as soon as the store stock can be disposed of will begin the remodeling of the building. The bank will use the entire first floor, excepting a certain space in the rear which, with a frontage on Court street, will be rented for office purposes.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 30, 1969

If you have been using the excuse of “no shovel” to put off the job of clearing walks and driveway, you can retreat to your easy chair and stay there. You couldn’t buy a show shovel today in Pendleton if you wanted to. Not a store in town has a snow shovel left. Shovels that had for years collected dust in basements and store rooms went like hotcakes. “I sold more snow shovels this winter than in five years,” said Ted Johnson at Coast-to-Coast. No used shovels are available, either. Barnum’s Trading Post reported they couldn’t even help out two men down on their luck who planned to buy a shovel and make a grubstake shoveling snow.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 30, 1994

Pendleton musician Rob Roy doesn’t hide his enthusiasm for area history, especially when it comes to the heyday of gold mining in the Blue Mountains. This zeal has blossomed into “The Ghosts of Granite,” an original musical production that soon will be ready to tour. Roy assumes the role of playwright, lyricist and composer. Eighty-five volunteer researchers helped base the script on historical fact, Roy says. He assembled a preview cast to build support. The full production will involve 35 actors and 15 musicians. Eight to 12 performances are planned on a fifth-wheel trailer that folds out into a mobile stage.

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