100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 4, 1919

Coming like a message from the dead, Charles Pell, a well known farmer near Pendleton, today received a letter from his son Hilmer O. Pell, who has been officially reported by the war department as “missing in action.” December 27th a wire from Washington said Hilmer Pell was missing and had been since November 6th, and in the list of casualties printed today his name again appears under the head of “missing.” The letter today was dated November 26th and this has been marked out and December 6th written below. Mr. Pell says it is in the hand writing of his son and now he knows the boy is well and O.K.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 4, 1969

Mayor Victor Stockard and other Stanfield officials are keeping a watchful eye on weather conditions because of the flood threat to the city from the Stage Gulch watershed that drains its 63,000 acres into Stanfield on its way to the Umatilla River. Mayor Stockard said this morning that the community is aware of the flood threat, and all known safeguards against the repeat of the 1964 winter disaster are being taken. Ed Weber of the Hermiston office of the Soil Conservation Service said a survey of the watershed Friday by SCS personnel revealed that Stanfield is in a vulnerable situation, if a fast runoff of the six-inch snowpack should develop.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 4, 1994

Hungry travelers didn’t need to visit McDonalds to smell french fries cooking early this morning. Anyone who happened to be about 12 miles west of Pendleton on Interstate 84 simply had to roll down the car window and breathe deeply. There, mixed in with all the other aromas created by a semi truck and trailer burning to the ground — tires, fuel, metal and plastic — was the smell of 43,000 pounds of once frozen french fries wafting through the Eastern Oregon night. No one was injured when a semi truck and trailer driven by a Newberg woman caught fire just after midnight in the eastbound lane of I-84 near Rew Elevator. The truck driver, Trudy L. Kelley, 48, and a passenger, Billy R. Kelley, 50, made it safely out of the truck. But a truck load of fries failed to make it to market.

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