100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 2, 1919

Ralph McCulley, Neil Bogert, Fred Rohrman and Byron Eldreth, four young Pendleton boys, were severely injured yesterday afternoon by an explosion while experimenting with powder. The boys were playing along the Umatilla river near the Lee street bridge with a mixture of powder when it exploded. The bones of the right hand of the McCulley boy were broken and he may lose the first finger. The Bogert and Rohrman boys both had their hands hurt badly and the latter had powder burns on the face. Byron Eldreth’s injuries were mostly on the face and eyes, though it is not thought his eyesight will be injured. The boys mixed up the explosive themselves and were loading it in holes in a block of wood when the jar of hammering it in the holes caused it to explode.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 2, 1969

Rob Roy, Pendleton High School choral director, and 20 young singers who embarked on a holiday “show biz” tour to Job Corps camps around the state the day after Christmas, will hopefully be home today. They will be home if the men and equipment sent out Monday and Tuesday by Mike Kilby, local school bus director, reached them, through the circuitous route they had to take from The Dalles, through Maupin, over the Wapinita Cut-Off to Zig Zag, on the west side of Mt. Hood. Roy and the boys and girls and the driver of their highway coach were stalled at Zig Zag Monday when snow and slush got into the motor. They found accommodations at a motel, and put in a call to Kilby for rescue equipment.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 2, 1994

A Riverside High School graduate and former Irrigon resident shot twice during a Christmas Eve convenience store holdup in North Carolina was reported in stable condition Tuesday. Ryan Johnson, 21, stationed at Cherry Point with the Marine Corps, was shot during a robbery at a New Bern, N.C., convenience store where his wife works as a clerk. Johnson was transferred Wednesday to a Portsmouth, Va., naval hospital. Johnson was shot once in the face and once in the back as he fell. He was taking out the garbage at Carolina Pines Fuel Mart where he was helping his wife close the store. After shooting Johnson, the assailant entered the store and forced Sally Johnson to give him an undetermined amount of cash from the register. He then fled on foot.

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