100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 12-13, 1919

With Miss Ova Baker in charge of nursing, and Miss Lorene Parker as head of the diet kitchen, a Spanish influenza emergency hospital was opened Saturday in Umatilla under the auspices of the Umatilla County Red Cross. Eight patients are now in the hospital, and three more are expected today. Miss Della Baker, sister of Miss Ova Baker, left for Umatilla today to assist in the work.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 12-13, 1969

Eighteen yearling Hereford calves on the Bud Abel ranch near Weston have died mysteriously. State laboratories are delving into the deaths. Veterinarian Robert Hutchinson, Walla Walla, investigated the deaths. He reports there had been no signs of illness among the calves. Other animals in the herd of 31 yearlings continue to be in apparent good health. “Indications are that it may have been some type of poison,“ said Dr. Neil Follett, Hutchinson’s colleague. He said it would be at least a week before lab tests are complete.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 12-13, 1994

When the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife volunteered to use discarded Christmas trees to create fish habitat at McKay Reservoir, it was thinking in terms of a couple hundred trees. After last weekend’s tree collection at the lot next to the Sizzler restaurant in Pendleton, ODFW ended up with 700 trees. And that accounted for only about half the trees donated by Pendleton-area residents. The trees being stored by ODFW will be weighted and submerged in the lake this summer to provide hiding cover for fish, which currently have little or no protection from predators doing low-pool periods. Trees not being stored by ODFW will end up at Rice-Blakey Park — as chips for landscaped areas.

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