100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

July 11, 1919

Tomorrow morning will witness the opening of Pendleton’s newest financial institution, the Inland Empire bank, situated at the corner of Main and Court streets. The new bank will start business with a capitalization of $250,000 which is exceeded by only two banks in the state outside of Portland. J.W. Maloney, 36 years a resident of Umatilla county, is president of the city’s newest bank. The Inland Empire bank received its charter from the state on March 17, 1919, and has also been made a member of the federal reserve bank in the twelfth district.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

July 11, 1969

The 1966 Ferrari which topped 160 miles an hour on Interstate 80 North a few months ago probably won’t be sold at auction after all. The sports car was impounded when its owner, Daniel James Gruener, 23, Ketchum, Idaho, was arrested for possession marijuana following a high-speed chase by Oregon State Police. A show cause hearing was conducted this week in Umatilla County Circuit Court on whether District Attorney Joe Smith could sell the auto. Proceeds would go to the county’s general fund. The prospect of auctioning off the Italian auto dimmed considerably when Lucretia G. Goldsmith, La Jolla, Calif., a relative of Gruener, showed that she held a $17,000 lien on the auto. Circuit Court Judge Henry Kaye said the state was within its rights in seizing the car, and planning to sell it, but that any proceeds from the sale would have to go first toward satisfying the lien. Car buffs say that is more than the Ferrari would bring at auction.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

July 11, 1994

Swimming spectators at the Pendleton Invitational Swim Meet had their need for speed fulfilled this weekend. Toby Wilcox of Hermiston led a group of swimmers from across the state who broke 20 meet records at the annual summer event. Wilcox broke three meet records. The 18-year-old bettered Scott Ericson’s 1989 mark (57.65) in the 100 meter freestyle race by more than a second with a time of 56.42 seconds. Wilcox broke his own record that he set in 1993 in the 50-meter freestyle race, finishing in a time of 25.31 seconds compared to last year’s mark of 26.19 seconds. The Hermiston swimmer also broke the meet record in the 100-meter butterfly with a race time of 1:02.57. The old mark of 1:02.90 was set in 1983 by Bart Pippenger. Wilcox also captured first in the 200-meter freestyle and the 400-meter individual medley.

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