100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

July 26, 1919

Pilot Rock is serving electric lights to its customers and on the streets until midnight at present and finding the plant very satisfactory, according to Mayor J.L. Vaughan. Power is turned on about an hour before sundown and is on for about five hours now. Later it will be operated longer hours. The city has not decided how to charge for its juice but is working on a system of rates. Whether the officials will settle the charges or call in expert advice is not known. Meanwhile patrons are taking the service on faith.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

July 26, 1969

Being in a movie isn’t all a bed of roses. Ask Tammy Thorne or Dianne Lovelin of Pendleton. They’ve got bruises. The two girls landed small parts in a movie being filmed by Columbia Pictures at Lane Community College at Eugene. The film is entitled “Getting Straight” and concerns college campus life, accentuating the unrest and riots. Tammy and Dianne will be in a scene portraying college coeds caught up in a riot. They get doused by a fire hose, dragged by their hair, beaten with clubs, and have to fall from a 15-foot concrete wall to a sidewalk below. Practicing with a professional stunt man for the past week, the girls go before the camera on location beginning Monday.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

July 26, 1994

A gravel road running along the edge of Dan Clark’s newly purchased property has the city of Athena and Clark in a quandary about who really owns it. Clark contends he does. The Athena Elementary School principal purchased property located along Fourth, Fifth and Garfield streets from Union Pacific Railroad — which has included the gravel and paved roads as part of its property since 1887. But city officials say they were unaware that the roads were owned privately and now have their attorney, Chris Wallace, poring over property titles. “It kind of caught us by surprise,” said Athena Mayor Kim Clark. “We want to be amicable and fair about everything, but by the same token we have to look out for what’s best for the city.”

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