100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 3-4, 1919

Trouble looms large for John Christian Zoller, of Duncan, married Saturday night at North Forks, to little Miss Katy Muriel Thurston, who, her father, Frank Thurston, says is not yet 15 years of age. Mr. Thurston is in Pendleton today to take action against Zoller, who is 40, and a man named James Snyder. Zoller, accompanied by a man giving the name of Tom Mooney and his home as Arlington, procured a marriage license Saturday afternoon at the county court house. Zoller produced a note, signed with Mr. Thurston’s name, saying the girl is of age and had his consent to marry. Mooney signed the affidavit that he personally knew the girl to be of legal age. Mr. Thurston declared today that Katy is but 14 years of age and that she was spirited away for the ceremony after Zoller and Snyder returned with the license. The order was branded by Mr. Thurston as a forgery.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 3-4, 1969

The Odd Fellows Building at NE Main and NE 6th, in the heart of the north Milton-Freewater business district, was virtually destroyed by fire of undetermined origin Monday afternoon. Firemen and all trucks and equipment, including three man lifts, fought the dense clouds of smoke and intermittent bursts of flame more than three hours before the fire in the two-story building of wood and tin covered with stucco showed signs of abatement. Damage was confined, however, to the building, erected by IOOF Lodge in 1907 and used continuously by the lodge since then.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 3-4, 1994

A Hermiston environmental group has collected 500 signatures and organized a postcard-writing campaign against the Army’s plan to destroy chemical weapons. On the other hand, eight members of the Hermiston City Council have written Congress in favor of the Army’s plan to incinerate chemical weapons at the Umatilla Army Depot. Susan Jones, a member of Citizens for Environmental Quality, gave the local Chemical Demilitarization Citizens Advisory Commission what she said were nearly 500 signatures against incineration. The petition will be forwarded to Congress. As of Wednesday, 98 of 101 comments received by the Department of Environmental Quality came from DEQ’s pre-printed postcards, signed by residents.

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