100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 26, 1919

If the council allows the request of the Union Oil Co. for a permit to place its oil plant on the site it has in view, on the Breding place directly in front of St. Joseph’s Academy, the plans for building the $150,000 improvement to the St. Anthony’s hospital will be entirely abandoned and the building operations in connection with the St. Joseph’s academy will be curbed as far as possible. According to Mother Killian, “We have been here for 30 years and have made improvements. We now have property valued at $200,000 and when our plans for improving the hospital and school are carried out we will have an investment of $400,000. We feel it would be unjust to have an oil plant placed directly in front of the institutions.”

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 26, 1969

Bernard W. Carper, 35, of Hermiston has been honored as pharmacist of the year by the Oregon State Pharmaceutical Association. Carper, a partner in Moore and Ripley Drug, received the award Tuesday during the association’s annual convention at Lincoln City. Carper, who won the Hermiston Jaycees’ Distinguished Service Award a few months ago, was nominated for the state award by Jerry Sobotta, a pharmacist in a competitive firm, the Hermiston Drug Co.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 26, 1994

Jack Dennerline hopes to be sailing the South Pacific in his 38-foot sailboat in a year or so. When he does, he’ll have earned the exotic adventure. Last week, after 13 years of work, Dennerline launched the sailboat he built almost entirely himself. “I’ve wanted to do this for years,” Dennerline said, sitting in the deck house of the Crab Shell, the name of his craft. “I decided to just work on it until it gets done.” Sailing and boats have always been a passion for Dennerline, despite growing up in landlocked Caldwell, Idaho. His father passed along his love of boats and the water.

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