100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 8-9, 1919

To raise Morrow county’s quota of $1250 for the Salvation Army, Heppner Elks last evening put on a ’49 dance and carnival in the fair pavilion that was second only to the far-famed Pendleton Round-Up. Several hundred people thronged the big pavilion until a late hour and every known frontier method of separating the unwary from his or her money was employed. Mayor Vaughan was boss bartender and helped sling “suds” and “firewater,” kick deleted. Postmaster Richardson dealt ‘em from the little tin box at faro layout. Dave McAtee wore his fingernails off raking in the money at the roulette wheel. Les Matlock gave the Fine Italian touch to the “21” game and other members of the herd just plain held up the tender feet and relieved ‘em of the “10-buck” bills they had not parted with at the poker tables.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 8-9, 1969

The possible involvement in a court battle that could extend into years is the reason Dow Chemical has decided to build a $20 million plant near Dallesport, Wash., in preference to a Port of Umatilla site, the Port of Umatilla manager says. Walter Peters said the court battle between Union Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads that could have resulted from Interstate Commerce Commission decisions might have delayed construction of the Dow magnesium and chlorine plant at the Umatilla site two or three years, and Dow officials said the new plant must be in operation in 1972. Peters said the Port of Umatilla met all 16 development requirements set out by Dow, but it was the possible delay that would result from court battles that decided the location of the plant.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 8-9, 1994

A decision is expected this week on whether James Elmore, 17, will stand trial as an adult on a charge of attempted murder relating to a stabbing in downtown Pendleton. Elmore will appear before Judge Richard Courson at a “waiver of jurisdiction” hearing Friday in Juvenile Court. Courson will decide if Elmore should remain in the juvenile system or if he should be tried as an adult. Elmore is accused of stabbing Manual Melendrez, 21, in the chest on March 12 at Southwest Frazer Avenue and Eighth Street. Witnesses led police to the suspect.

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