100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

March 26, 1920

She is 75, and he is 80. They were married in November, 1868, she doesn’t remember the day, it was so long ago, these 51 years and more. But that is immaterial. Mrs. Martha Ringer, of Freewater, wants to be free. Today she filed suit for divorce from Joseph Ringer, her octogenarian spouse, who resides at Helix. The charge is desertion. The couple did not celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, because six years ago Mr. Ringer went away and has since refused to come back.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

March 26, 1970

Herman Rosenberg, announced today by Round-Up Director Jack Howard as grand marshal of the 1970 Westward Ho! Parade, puffs slowly on a cigar as he searches his memory for answers to questions about his early days. Now 83, Rosenberg competed in the Calgary Stampede and in the Round-Up as a bronc rider and a bulldogger, and he recalls that he was riding bucking horses in Pendleton before there was a Round-Up. In those days — before the Round-Up began in 1910 — he and several others would gather wild horses during the week and ride them as entertainment after baseball games in Pendleton.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

March 26, 1995

Connie McCall didn’t shout or jump up and down when the word “wild” came up on her slot machine screen. In fact, she didn’t even look stunned at the $25,000 check she later held in her hand. The Pilot Rock rancher calls herself a “quiet winner.” She didn’t want to seem unexcited, she says, but she doesn’t like to flaunt her winnings. “The worst part of winning is all the attention,” McCall says. But attention is what McCall has gotten as the first $25,000 jackpot winner since the Wildhorse Gaming Resort opened two weeks ago. “Shoot, it’s just the luck of the draw,” says McCall, who also won $1,500 with her husband, Allen, last week.

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