100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

March 13, 1919

A supper at the Red Cross canteen and a crowd of Pendleton people greeted the 169 Oregon and Washington soldiers, most of them wounded or gassed, who passed through here last night at 10:30 as casuals from the 162d, 163d and 164th regiments of infantry. The boys have been through hard fighting but lusty yells at the sight of food showed that the experience was not disastrous. Men on board the first coach attempted to convince canteen workers that no food need be kept for the rest of the gang. “They’ve all got mumps,” was the explanation. All the men declared that the return to the “good old West” beat all the medicine in the army.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

March 13, 1969

For the first time, several students from Portland’s large Roosevelt High School, enrollment 2,000, visited a small high school, Stanfield, enrollment 140. The result, according to the students from both schools, was highly successful. The idea for the visit was sold to the administrators of both schools by their student body presidents, Chuck Currie of Roosevelt and Kelly Bissinger, Stanfield. The two presidents became acquainted at a student council meeting in Portland some time ago, and out of their meeting came the idea. Following spring vacation Bissinger will take some of his council members to Portland for a visit at Roosevelt. As happened at Stanfield, they will visit classes, stay in the homes of students, and participate in school activities on the brief visit.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

March 13, 1994

The support of an entire town and a quirky sense of humor kept Butch Parrish going through the worst pain of his life.

“I’d never even had a broken bone before,” Parrish said Wednesday from his hospital bed. “I think I got that all out of the way now.”

Parrish is the 24-year-old Stanfield police officer who suffered two broken legs, broken ribs, broken shoulder blade, punctured lung, dislocated elbow and a crushed spine after being run over Feb. 15 by a burglary suspect trying to escape in a patrol car. Despite the laundry list of injuries, Parrish is progressing at a rapid pace, which is surprising his doctors.

Community Records Editor

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