100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

March 6, 1919

Some little friction occurred at Helix today between American section hands, many of whom are Helix boys, and Chinese men employed by the Northern Pacific railroad when the section foreman dismissed all the white laborers but retained the Chinese. According to Mayor Gray of Helix, the white men are indignant at their dismissal and in this they are supported by the people of that city. Mr. Gray says he expects that the matter will be cleared up this evening after the train arrives.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

March 6, 1969

Strong criticism against the rigid enforcement of Stanfield’s dog leash ordinance was leveled against the city council and the police department Wednesday night by Leona Otis, owner of three dogs and former two-term city councilwoman. During her 30-minute discussion with the council, Mrs. Otis once declared that she wished the police department would chase something besides dogs. Assistant police chief James Nyman told the council the police department has picked up 11 dogs in recent weeks since the west end dog pound was established by the county in Hermiston. Mrs. Otis said one of her dogs was picked up, and before she got it home the cost was $14.50. Calling the dog leash ordinance a “dog extermination act,” the Stanfield woman said: “You can’t stand at the door and watch the pooch if you have a bunch of kids running in and out of the house.”

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

March 6, 1994

Employees of Dave and Toni Walters’ Chevron station have such a penchant for washing car windows that it would be tough to blame a motorist who’s topped off his tank at their station just to get his windows cleaned. The goal, Dave Walters says, is to wash every window on every car, no matter if the driver is filling up a thirsty twin-tanked pickup or putting $5 into a miserly Geo.

That aim occasionally proves too lofty during peak times, he says, but it’s obviously achieved enough to please Chevron’s “mystery customer.” Walters’ Chevron, located at 335 S.E. Court Ave. in Pendleton, was ranked No. 1 in the Northwest in 1993 for service and cleanliness and among the top 13 Chevron stations in the nation.

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