100 Years Ago

May 1, 1921

Comedy and thrills were experienced by two deputy sheriffs and some innocent bystanders when a raid was conducted near Freewater last night and Jack Harkness, a farmer, living six miles west of that place was arrested after the search had resulted in the discovery of some “moonshine” and a complete still outfit for the manufacture of the product. Nothing could be found in any of the living rooms of the hose, but three trap doors leading into a dugout under the house were discovered, and when these places were investigated, a complete still outfit, about two barrels of mash and other paraphernalia common to the profession were found. At Freewater, Harkness got a start on Deputy Sheriff Turner and attempted to make his getaway. The chase lasted while about 100 yards of distance were covered by the pair. Turner fired three times, gained on Harkness, and finally he won the dash when the prisoner stumbled over a barrel and spilled in a heap.

50 Years Ago

May 1, 1971

Businessmen and other residents of Umatilla rolled up their sleeves last night and plunged head-first into battle against a proposed freeway route that will bypass their community. The route, for long-sought Interstate 82, was endorsed a few days ago by the Washington Highway Commission and comes before the Oregon Highway Commission Tuesday in Salem. A delegation from Umatilla, armed with petitions that they hope will bear hundreds of signatures, will be on hand to protest the route. The best route for I-82 is one that was suggested long ago, Umatilla businessman A.W. Easton says. It would enter Oregon over the Umatilla Bridge. Umatilla’s fears of losing tourist traffic are just one reason for its opposition.

25 Years Ago

May 1, 1996

Damon Petrie was sentenced — again — to 35 years and two months in prison for his February 1994 attack on Stanfield police officer Butch Parrish. Umatilla County Circuit Court Judge Jack Olson delivered a sentence identical to the original penalty meted out by his counterpart on the court, Judge Robert Abrams, a year and a half ago, but “with a little more precision,” said Robert Hill, deputy district attorney for Umatilla County. Petrie was found guilty of attempted aggravated murder, first-degree assault, first-degree burglary, and a litany of other theft, escape, and firearms charges in connection with his attack on Parrish.

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