100 Years Ago

May 4, 1921

Don Chase, fireman at the Hammond mill, recently invented an elastic fishing line, which he claims will do away with the necessity of using a reel, as the line lengthens or shortens itself with the movement of the hooked fish, 25 yards of this elastic line being as good as 50 yards of the ordinary kind. Chase made an official test of his line on Big Creek Saturday and aside from the fact that the line broke when he hooked the biggest fish that ever entered Big Creek, it worked fine.

50 Years Ago

May 4, 1971

The Pendleton School Board Monday night approved a request to allow St. Joseph’s Academy students to attend Pendleton public schools on a half-day basis next year. Dr. Donald Smith, president of the St. Mary’s Parish Council, said there would be less sisters available next year and it would be necessary to hire three or four lay teachers unless the approximately 40 students could attend public schools. Classes at the public schools which would be attended by the St. Joseph’s students would include physical education, science and art. The students still would receive religion, English, math and other classes at the academy.

25 Years Ago

May 4, 1996

Even though it was pretty much a given the Hermiston was going to sweep the less-talented Mountain View Cougars in their Intermountain Conference softball doubleheader Friday afternoon, there still was a little suspense. Questions needed to be answered. Just how many hits could the Bulldogs get in a row? And how many hits would pitcher Katie Barnett surrender? The answers: 10 and none. The Bulldogs crushed the Cougars 16-0 and 11-0 as Barnett pitched two no-hitters. It was Barnett’s fourth and fifth no-hitters of the season and the first time in her career she has put up all zeroes in two games on the same day.

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