100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 5, 1920

C. S. Cramer, science teacher at Pendleton high school, and his first period physics class visited Dr. Boyden’s office this morning and inspected the x-ray machine there. A picture was taken of the bone of the hands of two of the members of the class and exhibited for the enlightenment of the others. The knowledge gained through the courtesy of the doctors is expected to aid materially in the study of the x-ray in class.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 5, 1970

Final approval for plans to ship nerve gas from Okinawa to Oregon has been given by Jesse L. Steinfeld, U.S. surgeon general, but the Army says it will not ship the gas until a federal court acts on suits filed by the states of Oregon and Washington. Gov. Tom McCall wrote to Steinfeld protesting his belief that Oregon and Washington could provide any necessary emergency help. “Such expenditures are an unwarranted burden on the taxpayers of Oregon. I doubt that I have the authority to make such expenditures necessary unless required to do so by the federal courts,” McCall wrote. “In the meantime, I am forced to state that your approval of the Defense Department’s plan is unacceptable.”

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 5, 1995

Anita Booth of Pendleton won the Mrs. Oregon United States Pageant staged Saturday in the Portland area. She competed against 15 statewide contestants gathered in Athey Middle School auditorium. Speech, interview, swimsuit and evening gown competitions were included. Booth spoke about role models and how she hopes to help others “look within and recognize their own self-worth, and then begin to build on it.” The Booths have six children age 3-20. She serves as office manager and promoter of her husband’s art business and also studies full-time at Eastern Oregon State College, where she’s working toward a master’s degree.

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