100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 15, 1919

Sporting a blond mustache and sideburns which add 10 years to his age, Tom Murphy, who has three gold stripes for service as a member of the La Grande hospital unit of the 117th Sanitary train, Rainbow Division, arrived on No. 17 this morning. Tom explained to the crowd of Pendleton friends who were at the station to greet him that his hirsute adornments are for military service only and that when he dons civvies again, sideburns and mustache will fall before the onslaughts of a razor.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 15, 1969

A Pendleton School Board representative will attend a Planning Commission public hearing Thursday on John Korvola’s request to have property in Sherwood Heights rezoned from residential to commercial. The property runs from behind the First Baptist Church to Highway 395 South and old Highway 395. Sherwood Heights school is across the street from the church. Ellis “Bud” Neal, superintendent of schools, said it was his understanding the change was being requested so a Chevrolet agency (Arrow Chevrolet) could locate there. Arrow Chevrolet is owned by Jack Clubb and Orval McCormach. Among objections of the board was the fear that additional traffic in the area would create walking hazards for children.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 15, 1994

James B. Boyd of Hermiston has been issued a citation by Oregon State Police for his alleged role in the death of an undetermined number of fall and spring chinook salmon smolts in late March. Boyd was cited for failure to maintain and operate a hydroelectric project within the confines of the project license and unlawful taking of food fish. The alleged fish kill is said to have occurred between March 25-28. Salmon smolts migrating down the Umatilla River were killed when they were drawn into the hydroelectric turbines operated by Boyd, who operates the project under a license from the state Water Resources Department about 10 miles upstream from the mouth at the Columbia River.

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