100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 11-12, 1919

Ned Harsche, John Charles, James Thompson and Nathan Dickson decided to speed up their day of rest yesterday by drinking something with a kick in it. Real liquor being hard to obtain, they found a worthy substitute in some McAllister’s liniment, which, among other things, contains 89.4 per cent alcohol. Straight liniment, applied internally, does not tempt the palate, however, so the men hit on the idea of a few mixed drinks. Ere long they were drinking rheumatism cocktails, liniment highballs and interior varnish fizzes. The combination of liniment and soft drinks brought about the desired effect, and, the party becoming a little too hilarious for a quiet Sunday afternoon, Chief of Police Al Roberts sought out the happy quartet in a local lodging house and changed their abode for the night to the city hall.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 11-12, 1969

Putting things in reverse gained a reserved parking place on the Depot and the Suggester of the Month title for Umatilla Army Depot employe Steven T. Arterburn, 22, an inspector in the General Supply Quality Division. According to estimates, the Nebraskan has saved UAD $860 this year through his idea to install a reverse switch on a loading belt in Building 130 so that items undergoing inspection can more easily be “spotted” at various locations on the line. A resident of Hermiston, Steven has been employed at UAD for 3½ years.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 11-12, 1994

Lots of youth (and lots of adults) were drawn to McKay Park in southwest Pendleton Wednesday evening to experience the unusual sight of a mammoth hot air balloon in town. Subway Sandwiches, sponsors of the balloon, had planned to offer free rides. But because of the threat of thundershowers and periodic gusty winds the balloon didn’t leave the ground. But it still succeeded in thrilling the children who got a chance to stand in the balloon basket while the burners roared. The balloon is now on its way to Walla Walla to participate in the annual Balloon Stampede this weekend.

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