100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 29, 1919

Determination to continue plans for their new church was made last evening by the building committee of the First Presbyterian church, at a meeting in the offices of Dr. F.E. Boyden. The body decided to take up plans where they left off by the declaration of war, in 1917, and to open a campaign for crystallization of sentiment favoring the new edifice in the near future. While specifications for the proposed new home at the corner of Alta and Willow streets called for a cost of $32,000 before the war, it is estimated that the same class of structure would now cost close to $70,000. This amount can hardly be raised before fall, the committee believes, but holds hope that within six months ground may be broken.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 29, 1969

Maybe it’s the long distance between Eastern Oregon waterholes that makes them hustle … or maybe it’s because they were afraid of the metro life and conflict among men in the city that spooked them. At any rate the wives of Hermiston Jaycees had two of the state’s fastest turtles in the turtle race at the Jaycee convention in Portland over the weekend. Linda Tolles and Inez Frost each took a turtle to the race. McMinnville Jaycee wives needed an entry and Mrs. Frost loaned them her turtle for the competition. “Frosty” came in second as the McMinnville entry behind the Hermiston entry of Linda Tolles. Jaycee Bill Tolles said Hermiston now can lay claim to the “turtle capital” title as well as the state’s leading livestock feeding center and the home of the “world’s tastiest watermelons.”

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 29, 1994

When Glen Guenther looks at a math problem, all the pieces of the puzzle present themselves at once. Speeding trains, triangles and trigonometry — nothing gets past the 17-year-old Pendleton High School junior. Guenther put his mathematical mind to work once again at the Oregon Invitational Mathematics Examination, a competitive contest that poses problems to the state’s best math students. Guenther took home the second place award, adding it to his collection of other top finishes — including a first place prize that took him to Washington, D.C., as an eighth grader.

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