100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 11-12, 1913

Toy Toy, bosom friends and comrade of Columbia George for many years and his confederate in the murder of Anna Edna nearly a decade and a half ago, furnished one of the sensations of the present trial of his tillicum this morning when he took the stand as a rebuttal witness for the prosecution. He testified that on the Saturday following the discovery of the body, Columbia George’s wife came to him where he was working and offered him, in the presence of his sister, a saddle or $150 if he would say nothing concerning the bottle of alcohol from which he, her husband and Andy Barnhart had been drinking on the morning of the murder. Wa-ho-pum, Toy Toy’s sister, followed him on the stand and corroborated his story of the offer made by Columbia George’s wife. The defense was unable to shake either of their stories.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 11-12, 1963

Nine elk hunters, snowed in at their camp on the Little Minam River since a Thursday storm, may be out today but Baker Sheriff Delmar Dixon said there was no concern over them. The hunters were caught by a sudden fall of snow in the wilderness area of the Wallowas, some 30 miles east of La Grande. Bob Blank, who operates Boulder Park Resort, had stocked a number of elk camps. When the snow fell, he arranged for an airplane drop of feed for horses. The sheriff said that because Blank was not able to get from his resort to the hunters’ camp, over a high ridge, he trucked pack animals to Cove and headed in from there over a lower route.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 11-12, 1988

The state wants to build its Welcome Center at the port of Umatilla’s swimming beach park at Umatilla, a Tourism Division official said Thursday. The Tourism Division was attracted to the site because of lower site development costs, the setting along the Columbia River, and the established recreational activities there, regional representative Alice Trindle said. Nearby is the port’s marina, with boat launching and docking facilities and a recreational vehicle development. The swimming beach site will cost $70,00 to $90,000 less to develop than the other site considered, near the Highway Division sand shed along Interstate 82, she said.

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