100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 15, 1913

Though fighting in a badly crippled condition, the Pendleton high school football machine yesterday afternoon established its claim to the championship of eastern Oregon when it administered a bitter defeat to its ancient and honorable foes from Baker. The score when the final whistle blew was 14 to 7 and victory unquestionably went to the better team. Both of Pendleton’s touchdowns resulted from recovered punts, and this indicates the truth of the assertion that the local team was far and away ahead of the visitors both in handling and getting down on punts.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 15, 1963

A two-county civil defense conference in Pendleton Wednesday resulted in a pledge by a Morrow County group to seek civil defense funds and the formation of a Umatilla County group which will seek to expand the fallout shelter program. The Morrow County group, which included County Judge Oscar E. Peterson and Sheriff C.J.D. Baumann, chairmanned by Norman Nelson, decided to prepare a budget request for county civil defense funds. The group also will investigate ways to improve the county’s shelter program, including the possibility of Willow Creek dam at Heppner. Other CD?problems discussed included the need of a warning system for rural areas. A committee headed by Ruff Raymond suggested the formation of a “Paul Revere” system manned by grange and PTA members, and urged study of the possibility of equipping radios or telephones with automatic warning devices.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 15, 1988

The lights will go out in Irrigon today. Following the third defeat last week of the city’s $46,000 operating levy proposal, city officials say they have no choice but to turn off the city’s 60 street lights. It costs the city $12 per light each month. But cutting street lights is just the beginning. The city council decided at a special meeting Monday it also must close the city’s two-member police department and lay off the city administrator, a full-time job held by Mayor Don Eppenbach. The city’s three telephone lines will be disconnected as well. Calls will be referred to city officials through an extension of the water department’s telephone line, which is not paid for by taxes.

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