100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 27, 1919

Gasoline will sell in Pendleton for 30 cents a gallon beginning Dec. 1, according to a decision made by individual garage and automobile men. Gasoline has been selling in Pendleton for 27 cents. The increased cost of doing business is given as the reason for the increase. In Portland the retail price is 24 cents, but in various parts of the county the price is higher than in Pendleton. Pilot Rock dealers have been charging 30 cents for some time.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 27, 1969

A service station that sells gasoline cheaper than any other in Pendleton is adding to the woes of Pendleton service stations already combatting the formidable problem of the freeway bypass. “It’s unfair competition” for the Maverik Station at SW 15th and Emigrant to retail gasoline at 32.9 cents a gallon for regular and 34.9 cents for high test because it is listed as a bulk plant, said Jim Udy, Udy’s Round-Up Service. But, the Pendleton City Council said the Maverik Station meets all requirements of city codes. George Bonbright, Phillips 66 distributor, said the Maverik operation was an “injustice” to other Pendleton stations.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 27, 1994

Pendleton Republican Gordon Smith, who will serve as Senate president when the Oregon Legislature convenes in January, likes to say he wants everyone home in time for pea harvest in early June. That’s fine with state Rep. Bev Clarno, the Bend Republican who will serve as speaker of the house. “They could help with the first cutting of hay,” she says. The ascension of the two semimoderate Eastern Oregon residents has folks on the far side of the Cascades believing they’ve gained strong voices for farming, ranching and other rural interests. But don’t expect a fleet of big pickups to suddenly fill the Capitol parking lot in Salem, because Smith and Clarno are not hayseeds looking to settle a grudge with urban liberals.

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