100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 28, 1918

Fording the Columbia river with a team of horses and wagon and taking seven children to school in said wagon are some the supplementary duties of one Umatilla county “school ma’am.” She is Miss Birdie Bailey, teacher of the Badger school six miles from Holdman. Miss Bailey stays on an island in the Columbia and to reach her school it is necessary to cross the river. For her services she receives $210 a month, but $100 goes for board and room and for feed for the horses. Miss Bailey was in Pendleton recently getting books from the county library and declares that her life is full of excitement, as a runaway by her trusty team was one of the recent features of a morning trip to school.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 28, 1968

A federal weather research program is bringing another job to Pendleton, along with the possibility of reports of “flying saucers.” Glen Lee, chief of the U.S. Weather Bureau facility at Pendleton Airport, said the two-year program will involve launching of helium-filled balloons that will lift radio transmitters as high as 100,000 feet. The radios will transmit data on temperature, humidity and air pressure. The balloons will be six to eight feet in diameter and will be easily seen by area residents as they rise into the upper atmosphere, Lee said. Such balloons have often been reported as “flying saucers.”

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 28, 1993

Neighborhood residents, law enforcement officers and schools will be notified next week when a 29-year-old predatory sex offender is released from prison. It will be the first such disclosure in Umatilla County under the state’s new sex-offender notification law, which was passed by the Oregon Legislature earlier this year. The name of the offender, who was released from prison Monday after serving more than 10 years, will not be released until Nov. 29. But, along with his name, area residents will learn his address, a physical description, the type of car he drives, any conditions or restrictions of his post-prison supervision, his primary and secondary targets, the way he normally approaches victims and a current photograph.

Community Records Editor

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