100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Oct. 13, 1920

Businessmen’s gymnasium classes will be opened by the Pendleton Athletic Club next Tuesday evening, to continue on Tuesday and Thursday evenings throughout the winter, and will be in charge of Dick Hanley, high school athletic director. Quite a number of businessmen already have signed to take this work and more are to be seen this week in an effort to insure a working number and a successful venture. Calisthenics will be given to start and later volleyball and other indoor games will be worked up. Application for membership in the club are being received daily and will be acted on at a meeting to be held Monday night. In about two weeks the smoker which is to be given for the benefit of the members of the club will be held in the gymnasium. All but two of the principals for boxing bouts have been signed and a lively time is expected.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Oct. 13, 1970

Pendleton High School gals shucked their minis, midis and maxis and stepped into oversized football jerseys last night at the Round-Up grounds to prove the gridiron isn’t for men only. The two teams fought with the scruples of cornered alley cats and the game, tamely called Powder Puff Football, had all the elements of final-season play between the Green Bay Packers and the Los Angeles Rams. The look of “kill” was so intent on both sides that many pro linebackers would have shuddered at the thought of getting mixed up in the action. What brought these girls out of their “sugar and spice and everything nice” image? According to Sally Simpson, “Feminine sports aren’t rough enough.” And as Abbey Hagen said, “Women are being liberated everywhere else.” One girl commented, while nursing a bruise, “Some of the girls carry on in the halls at school like something fragile. But put them in a pair of pants out there and brother, they’re tough!”

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Oct. 13, 1995

The streak lasted 14 long games. For the players, coaches and fans of Hermiston football, it seemed like 14 years. But this week, the Hermiston Bulldogs are practicing for the first time in nearly two years with a winning streak. Sure, it may only be a one-game winning streak, but it’s a start. The Bulldogs defeated Crook County down in Prineville 34-13 Friday night, ending the longest losing streak in the Intermountain Conference. (Incidentally, the longest current streak of defeats in 4A football used to belong to Corvallis at 22 games, but the Spartans also won Friday night. It was a good evening for the underdogs.) “We finally put it all together. I don’t want to lose that taste,” said senior running back Abel Saenz, getting his first taste of victory since he was a sophomore. “When you win, you don’t feel the bruises on your forehead.”

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