100 Years Ago

Oct. 7, 1921

The new Rivoli theatre is the best west of Omaha and is unequaled for beauty and convenience in this territory, in the opinion of Ned Alvord, advance agent for the Marcus Show of 1921, who was in Pendleton yesterday arranging for the coming of his attraction to the new playhouse early next month. “Whoever designed the new house knew his business,” he said. “While there are some larger stages none are better or more completely arranged.” Owing to the unsettled business conditions and continued high railroad rates the Marcus Show of 1921 is the only big musical revue coming west this season. The Show carries in the neighborhood of one hundred people and requires three baggage cars to transport the revue’s paraphernalia. There are a number of high class dramatic productions coming to the Rivoli but the Marcus organization is the sole attraction of the “girl and music” variety booked in Pendleton.

50 Years Ago

Oct. 7, 1971

Got $300 and sick of your spouse? Get a divorce. In the first eight months of 1971 there were 156 divorces in Umatilla County. “We can’t drive a car without some kind of driver’s education, but we don’t offer any training on how to be a good husband or wife,” said LaVon Wilson, director of the Umatilla and Morrow County Mental Health Clinic. “Plus, marriage is a legal contract. We couldn’t buy a car without some money, but we can take on a marriage with nothing.” Pendleton attorney Art Barrows agrees with this. He says the main cause of divorce is the unpreparedness of the people for marriage. “They should have to show a certificate saying they talked to a counselor before they can get married,” he said. “The sad thing about divorce is the support of the children. After a woman gets divorced, she’ll remarry. That husband will have to support the children of her previous marriage while the real father is out having a good time.”

25 Years Ago

Oct. 7, 1996

After a long workday, picture chasing away all the stress by walking through a rose garden where the scents blossom into visions of nightingale, evening dew and romantic elegance. The Shady Locust Herb Farm and Nursery at Umapine, owned and operated by Connie and Charlie Kidd, offers just such a rose garden. All it takes is a phone call, and it’s in your mailbox in a few days. The catch is you’ll have to let your nose do the walking. Aroma therapy is the term for what the nursery northwest of Milton-Freewater offers. Fragrant herbal beads are the product. Shady Locust sells the beads as a kit that contains petals fresh-picked, then finely ground and sifted, and preserved by a binding substance. Besides rose, beads are also available from lavender, lemon verbena and patchouli. Aroma therapy is recognized by some in the health profession as a means to relieve anxiety and induce mood alteration. What appeals to the consumer is that it’s natural; apparently an increasing number of people prefer wearing a fragrant necklace to opening their medicine cabinet.

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