100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Oct. 12-13, 1919

Today is a holiday in Hermiston. Every able bodied man in town and country is working on the big new dairy show sheds. Stores are closed, farm operations have ceased and every man who ever used a saw and hammer is at work at the big barn raising, in order to have the permanent dairy and hog sheds ready for the show next week. The dairy show committee has leveled the ground and the foundation has been prepared. A carload of lumber was distributed for use the full length of the 500 foot building. By night the structure will be ready for the shingles and the finishing touches.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Oct. 12-13, 1969

A former Pendleton area resident, Air Force T. Sgt. Hugh L. “Buzz” Sherburn, has been declared killed in action. Sgt. Sherburn, who was serving his third tour of duty in Vietnam, had been on the “missing in action” list since last Feb. 5. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Marion J. Sherburn of Vancouver, Wash. They were informed last week that the wreckage of his plane had been located 21 miles from Chavane, Laos, and there were no survivors. Sgt. Sherburn attended grade school at Weston.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Oct. 12-13, 1994

The Army hopes to speed up the schedule for getting state and federal permission to build a chemical weapons incinerator at the Umatilla Army Depot. Col. James Coverstone told the Chemical Demilitarization Citizens Advisory Commission Wednesday that unless the Army begins construction soon on several incineration plants in the United States it may not be able to meet international treaty obligations on chemical weapons disposal. Coverstone said the Army doesn’t want to circumvent the permitting process but wants to move ahead with construction as it collects meteorological and other data for the permit.

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