100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Sept. 6, 1919

Paper snow fell in Pendleton today when Miss Opal Callison, of the Oregon Motor Garage, flying thousands of feet above the city in the Medford Aircraft plane, threw myriads of handbills bearing the legend “Let ’er Bu(i)ck,” and advertising the Buick, Hudson and Cadillac cars, for which the company is distributor. Local people scrambled to gather the souvenirs as they fluttered to the ground. Miss Callison says she enjoyed the ride and that she can swear to it that there are nine holes in the Pendleton golf links. The garage is the first local firm to use aero advertising.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Sept. 6, 1969

A Round-Up great who comes about as close to being a living legend as anyone, and who is one of the nominees for the newly established Round-Up Hall of Fame, Enos (Yakima) Canutt, North Hollywood, Calif., will be in Pendleton for all four days of the Round-Up. This will be the first time Canutt has returned to the scene of Round-Up triumphs in recent decades. Several of his early-day friends are looking forward to renewing acquaintances and reliving some of the glories of yesteryear with the man many feel was one of the greatest all-around cowboys in the history of rodeo.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Sept. 6, 1994

When Garry Storment isn’t busy managing one of six companies he runs from behind one desk, he is probably working on a hot rod like the 1960 Corvette he bought wrecked and restored to show quality. “I’m a person who sees a problem and thinks it can be fixed,” he says. That explains why after years of doing construction work in and around paper mills, where his nose was routinely subjected to the heart-stopping odor that can only come from a paper mill, Storment began to wonder if something couldn’t be done about the smell. After three years of working with a chemist — a silent partner in Storment’s latest business venture — something called Odor-Nox was perfected. It literally locks up the ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, he says, taking away the unpleasant smell.

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