100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 10, 1912

At the regular meeting of the council last night, City Supt. J.S. Landers presented to the council a petition signed by some 200 citizens asking that the city install at least three public drinking fountains on the main thoroughfares inasmuch as the recent state law abolished the drinking cup, leaving the city unprovided with accommodations for slaking the thirst of the pedestrian. The move was started by the Civic Religious League and is endorsed not only by many individual citizens but by the ladies of the Civic club and by the library board as well.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 10, 1962

The operator of a garbage collection service that lost out in bidding to gain an exclusive franchise has filed suit against Pendleton’s eight city councilmen, the mayor, and the operators of the garbage collection service which won the franchise. Ed Lanning of Independent City Scavenger asked Circuit Court to issue an order enjoining the city from giving the franchise to anybody but him. The city has 10 days in which to reply. Lanning charged the award of franchise to Pendleton Garbage Collectors was indiscriminate abuse by the council of its discretion. Lanning, who says in his complaint that he has conducted a garbage business here for 48 years, contended his bid was the best.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 10, 1987

Juror Larry Stobie’s first impression of the works at the Pendleton Arts Festival was its versatility. In art today “we look for originality.” Stobie found it in Pendletonian Linda Jacobs’ mixed media painting, “Night Rider,” awarded best of show. “I was really taken by the colors in Linda’s pieces,” Stobie said, adding, “They really range out.” In fact, Stobie said, “She’s violated a lot of rules and still pulled it off.”

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