100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Sept. 20, 1918

Distance and lack of funds are not obstacles if you really want to see the Round-Up, as William Bois, aged 5, will testify. He had heard about the Round-Up and it was the desire of his heart to see it, but funds were lacking to come from his home in Hanford, Washington. So he traveled 35 miles in a canoe on the Columbia river until he reached Kennewick, Washington. He made the rest of the trip by train and is now all ready for the big show. The traveler encountered rapids and sand bars on the trip, but he says he knows the Round-Up will be worth all the hardships he has endured.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Sept. 20, 1968

The weather was just right for a weatherman golfer Wednesday — and so was everything else. Especially on the eighth hole at the Pendleton Country Club. That’s where George Carmickle, of the local station of the U.S. Weather Bureau and one of the top golfers at the local course, dropped in a hole in one, using an eight iron for his tee shot. He was playing with Art Teague and club professional Roger Doyle and had a 37 for the round. It was his first ace in 37 years of golfing. It also was the second ace scored on the local course in a week. Mrs. Freeman Allen made a hole in one on the 17th hole last week using a five iron while playing with Mrs. Don Foxley and Mrs. George Moens. It was her second hole in one during several years of golfing.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Sept. 20, 1993

Ron Currin Jr. needed raw talent and some inspired luck to win the all-around title at the Pendleton Round-Up Saturday. Ron Currin Sr., the father of four cowboys, was in the Round-Up stands wearing the 1988 all-around buckle won by son Mike, who died with three other cowboys and the pilot of a small plane that crashed on Mount Rainier in 1990. “Mike was killed wearing it and it’s been sitting here in the drawer until Saturday,” the father of the Currin boys said. “We were talking about it, and I decided to strap it on thinking it might be good luck.” The Currin boys have five titles between them. Along with the all-arounds by Ron and Mike, Tony won bulldogging championships in 1987 and 1989, and Steve won the bulldogging title in 1991.

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