100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 13, 1917

With a suddenness that surprised friends and relatives, several Pendleton young men have joined the navy of Uncle Sam, according to reports coming from Portland where the enlistments are said to have taken place. Some of the Pendleton recruits were en route back to college when the notion struck them to become jackies. Arnold Minnis and Clifford Minnis are two who have enlisted. The former was in his freshman year at the University of Oregon and returned to Pendleton for the holidays. It was while going back to college that he suddenly altered his plans. His brother had been working on a farm near Pendleton before he left to enlist. Wesley Mims, who entered the University of Washington last fall and who was home for the holidays, has also enlisted according to reports. Henry Latourelle, who also finished high school last spring, is said to have enlisted. The recruits will be sent to the naval school in San Francisco for five or six months schooling before being assigned to a ship.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 13, 1967

Due to the news coverage about the dolls being sold in this country constructed of a type of material for the head and body stuffed with sawdust and a flammable hair material the Pendleton Fire Department has had three of them brought in, Fire Chief William (Blackie) Batchelor reported Thursday. One of the dolls turned in was bought in Portland and the other two were bought in Walla Walla. The hair burns readily when exposed to flame, the face can be ignited with a lighted cigarette, and a light globe placed close to the face will soon cause it to flame up, Batchelor said. The clothing also burns quite readily. Some of these hazardous dolls are made in Japan, some in England and some in Poland. When new, they have a sticker on the right foot which tells where they were manufactured.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 13, 1992

A 65-year-old Pendleton woman left in her home for several days bound with extension cords, rope, panty hose and dog leashes was in stable condition this morning at St. Anthony Hospital. Pendleton police plan to charge Georgia Elgin’s son, 43-year-old Keith H. Reynolds of Portland, with kidnapping, robbery, recklessly endangering and car theft. He was arrested in Portland Thursday on an unrelated charge of bank robbery. Police are not sure how long Elgin was left tied up on the bedroom floor in her home at 208 S.W. Nye. “I’d say at least three or four days, perhaps as long as a week,” said Police Chief Ed Taber. Elgin, who lives alone, was found at about 5:15 p.m. Saturday by Pendleton auctioneer Chuck Mosher, who had gone to her house to inventory furniture he planned to sell for her.

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