100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 2-3, 1915

There is a possibility that hunters may soon be allowed to shoot does again, because of the fact they are becoming plentiful, whereas it is growing more and more difficult to shoot the bucks. Deputy Game Warden George Tonkin is now engaged in gathering data for a report to the state commission on the success of hunters in Umatilla county during the season just closed. So far he has learned of but three hunters, Albert Gilliam of Pilot Rock, Forest Ranger Walter Allison and Amos Pond, a Cabbage Hill Indian, who secured the limit of three during the season. A number bagged a couple, a good many secured singles and many others never got any. Mr. Tonkin is also questioning hunters as to the number of bucks and does they saw during the season.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 2-3, 1965

Lexington was “a mess” but all other communities of Morrow County escaped damage from Halloween pranksters, according to Morrow County Sheriff C.J.D. Bauman. Padberg Machinery Co. heavy equipment was moved to the middle of Black Horse Canyon road in Lexington Sunday night, Bauman said. A barrel in the street was struck by a car before it was removed by officers. Bauman said he had earlier removed a barricade from the 2nd Street bridge in the town. In Heppner a few motorists found their tires flattened and a few windows were marked with soap. Several cars received globs of shaving cream. “On the whole it was a quiet Halloween,” Bauman reported.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 2-3, 1990

A local entertainment promoter wants to develop an outdoor amphitheater near the Pendleton Airport, city Planning Director Mike Hyde told the Pendleton Planning Commission Thursday. Hyde informed the commission of a Nov. 15 public hearing at which the commission will consider granting a conditional use permit to David Oliphant, of Pendleton Entertainment Productions, to develop the amphitheater. The city’s Airport Commission already has given the concept a positive review after considering Oliphant’s plan at an Oct. 10 meeting. Oliphant had a hand in attracting Charlie Daniels to the Red Lion last summer. “There’s a gully there where people can sit on the hillside and you can put the stage right in the gully,” Hyde said of the location across Airport Road from Cole Electric Motors.

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