100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 13, 1915

Temporary provision for the newly organized boys’ club was made this morning by the board of managers of the Commercial association when it was decided to permit the boys to use the billiard room of the Commercial association until the present library room in the city hall is vacated. At the same time it was decided to sub-rent the Commercial gymnasium to the Pendleton Athletic Club.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 13, 1965

Nita Kay Bigsby, 16, sustained slight injuries when her car went out of control Saturday morning on N.W. 6th Street, jumped a curb, and came to rest against the rear of a house. Brakes on the car apparently failed, said City Police Officer George Hammons, on the fairly steep hill on N.W. 6th. The car was severely damaged, with the gas tank ripped off, and the left side of the vehicle crushed. Damage to the house of James Ellison, 421 N.W. 6th, was confined to a small area of board siding near the rear door of the dwelling. Pendleton Fire Department dispatched a truck to the accident scene to wash down the street and yard of the Ellison residence, where gasoline from the broken tank had spilled.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 13, 1990

Irvin and Alma Tucker of Athena made 86 quilts during the past year as part of the holiday tradition. “You don’t have to go Christmas shopping that way,” he said. “Lots of good friends and relatives keep us busy,” she observed. Irvin Tucker, 82, also said cutting the pieces keeps arthritis out of his hands. His wife, 78, likes to keep busy by joining squares and rectangles together at the sewing machine. For about five years, the couple has made two kinds of quilts. One uses discarded denim backed by flannel, and the other features polyester blend pieces and a cotton percale sheet. Irvin Tucker’s daughter, Beverly Mathwich of Athena, said it takes 80 quilts to supply each family member. Some are mailed as far as Mississippi. “We’ve got a lot of in-laws,” Irving Tucker said. “And out-laws,” his wife added, laughing.

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