100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Dec. 15, 1917

Alleging that advantage was taken of his illness and addiction to alcoholic liquors to secure from him without any compensation whatever title to $100,000 worth of land in Umatilla County, Oregon and Walla Walla, Franklin and Columbia counties, Washington, S.A. Ash has brought suit in the circuit court against S.L. Stebbins and wife, L.R. Lucas and wife and Charles P. Stebbins and wife to recover the land. Plaintiff alleges that S.L. Stebbins plied him with liquor until he was in a stupor and then secured from him warranty deeds for the land. He alleges there was no consideration whatever in the transfer and that he was in such a condition that he was not aware of what he was doing. He has secured a temporary restraining order to prevent them from disposing of the land during the pendency of the suit.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Dec. 15, 1967

The Hermiston City Council is alarmed at the increasing number of auto accidents on Highway 32 South in the vicinity of the View Drive intersection. In their Wednesday meeting the council directed City Manager Tom Harper to confer with the State Highway Commission about the problem. In less than three years five men died in two accidents in the vicinity of the bridge over Maxwell Canal. The highway makes a curve south of the canal on its approach into the city. In one of the fatal accidents the car hit the bridge, and in another the driver went over the 10-foot embankment on the curve.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Dec. 15, 1992

A police raid on a suspected drug dealer’s home near Hermiston Tuesday recovered a trove of weapons, including a grenade launcher and machine guns, police said. Arrested without incident as they left the home were Terry E. Eyler, 44, and Harriet A. Crelling, 31, both of Hermiston. They were taken by U.S. marshals to Portland to be arraigned on federal drug and firearms charges, authorities said. In all, police found more than 30 weapons at the home, located on a hilltop near the intersection of Joy and Cooney lanes north of town. In addition to rifles, revolvers and other small firearms, police found the makings of military booby traps, a grenade launcher and grenades, a pound of C4 plastic explosive and a 12-gauge shotgun with a circular clip holding a couple of dozen rounds of ammunition.

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