100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 25-26, 1915

Forging will be added to the manual training department of the Pendleton high school next year, a decision to that effect being reached at the school board meeting last evening. R.E. Chloupek, head of the department, had asked for this addition several weeks ago but at that time it was decided not to extend the work at present. This action was practically rescinded last evening. The addition of forging will increase the work in this department from a two year course to four years. So many farmers’ sons are taking this course that there is a big demand for the blacksmithing work and it is in response to this demand that the board has decided to make the extension. It is probable a small wooden building will be constructed to house this new work.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 25-26, 1965

David J. Burke, who will be a new teacher in the Pilot Rock school system this fall, was the subject of the top feature in the “Mill Ends” column of the Oregon Journal recently. Dick Fagan, author of the well-known column, writes: “The Burke family is going to have a most unusual graduation — a mother and son being graduated at the same time. David J. Burke, 24, will be graduated from Linfield college with a major in business and language. This fall he will teach in an Eastern Oregon school. Mrs. Leora Burke, 61, his mother, will be graduated from Oregon College of Education at Monmouth. She attended Colorado State Teachers for two years some years ago and obtained a teaching certificate there. Some seven years or so ago the family moved to Oregon. She was granted an emergency certificate to teach but immediately started going to school to make the requirements for a regular certificate.”

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

May 25-26, 1990

A team of student mathematicians and scientists from Pendleton came away from a statewide competition with a team and an individual award. Pendleton Junior High math teacher Dianne Barnes said members of the SMILE program also came away from Oregon State University with fun memories and a desire to go back next year. A team of Pendleton seventh and eighth graders brought home an honor in the math challenge when they found the most ways to create a number by mathematically manipulating four 4s. Barnes said students were allowed to add, subtract, divide, multiply and use exponents on the 4s to create the number 12. Members of the winning team include Mario Lago, Amber Johnson and Karen Estrada. Pendleton’s Rose Sigo also took home the top award for seventh graders writing essays about famous scientists. Sigo wrote about Austrian monk Gregor Mendel, a 19th century botanist whose work with peas formed the foundations of genetic science.

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