100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 11, 1917

After investigating the heavy losses of horses in the Cold Springs country north of Pendleton, Dr. W.H. Lytle, state veterinarian who was here yesterday, pronounced the causes for the losses as two, a mould or fungus poisoning and poisoning by lupine. The latter weed is ascribed as the reason for most of the horses dying and Dr. Lytle has left with the farmers directions for combatting the action of the poison. More than 25 head of valuable horses have been lost within the past few weeks. George Hess alone has lost 11, Jack Wickman has lost eight head and has two others sick and Joe Snyder has lost five head and has two others sick. Dr. Lyle discovered the weed lupine in the pastures of practically all the places where horses have been lost and also ascertained that all of the animals had been allowed to forage.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 11, 1967

Pendleton firemen were plenty burned up last night, but it wasn’t because they got too close to a fire, it was because someone is tripping the alarm box on NW 15th in Sergeant City near the high school. This was the second run on a false alarm to that area in three days. Not knowing what type of call it was and not wanting to take any chances, the fire department dispatched two trucks and 18 men to the scene. Fire Chief William (Blackie) Batchelor said that malicious false alarms can tie up men and equipment who might be needed elsewhere and could possible be needed at the home of the party who turned in the alarm. Tripping alarm boxes for this purpose is punishable by 180 days in jail and a $500 fine if convicted.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 11, 1992

A Port of Umatilla committee is refining plans for a regional water system that would use a large well along the Columbia River and 2-million-gallon tank on Umatilla Butte. As proposed, the first phase of the Northwest Umatilla County Regional Water System would cost an estimated $3.5 million, Byron Grow of the Port of Umatilla said. In the system, water would run from the well to a chlorination plant and then be moved several miles to Umatilla Butte, a high point between Hermiston and Umatilla in the vicinity of Cooney Lane. The idea appears to be the cheapest way to add industrial and municipal capacity to the Hermiston area, he said.

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