100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 16, 1915

Hamley & Co., local makers of harness and saddles, were paid a high compliment when the McCabe-Dufray Tanning Co. of Eureka, California, selected them out of all their leather customers to make the saddle which will occupy a prominent place in the exhibit of Humboldt county at the Panama-Pacific exposition. The finishing touches were put upon the saddle today and, from a standpoint of workmanship, it is probably the very finest saddle ever manufactured here, Round-up prize saddles not excepted. Without a bit of silver or gold mountings, the saddle cost $200. It is made out of Oak leather and is beautifully stamped with the acorn design. Not a bit of the stitching shows and it has several new features of painstaking handcraft which will commend it to saddle experts. On the fenders is stamped the name of the company for which it was made. The saddle will be placed on exhibition in the windows of the company’s store tonight.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 16, 1965

George Cooper, 23, is a romantic young man with a plan. It’s a romantic plan, but George is also practical, so he’s pretty sure he’ll succeed. George is in the Air Corps. He’s been stationed almost all of his four years in the service at Condon Radar Station. Tuesday he will be honorable discharged. And he plans to ride home to Yerington, Nevada on horseback. He’s learned to be a cowboy during his off-duty time in this ranch community. He made friends with farmers, and finally bought two horses, a riding horse from Lee Crabtree, Ione, and a pack animal from Norman Froman, who lives near the radar station west of Condon. George will ride southeast, through Fossil, John Day and Burns into Nevada. It’s a 700-mile trip, and he expects to be on the road 35 or 40 days.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 16, 1990

Once the Condon Blue Devils reached full speed, they went over, under or around everything the Wheeler Falcons threw in their path on the way to an 84-55 high school boys basketball victory Tuesday. It took the Blue Devils about five minutes to hit full stride. When they did they ran off 12 unanswered points, opened an 18-7 first quarter lead and just kept building on it the rest of the way. Condon, the overwhelming No. 1 choice in the most recent state Class B coaches’ poll, extended its current season winning streak to 12 games. Its streak is 13 including last season’s final victory in the state Class B third-place game.

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