100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 1-2, 1918

The new year was born in Pendleton amid noise and plenty of it. Bells rang, whistles blew, guns popped and many other noise-making devices were in evidence to greet the infant 1918 at midnight last night. It was not such a hilarious greeting as other years have had in the past when John Barleycorn was among the celebrants, but still the peace and quiet was sadly shattered in spots. The noisiest spot, perhaps, was the Alta Theater where a special midnight matinée drew a crowd to watch the old year out. Every kind of a noise device was present and pandemonium broke loose when the hands of the clock indicated the advent of the new year.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 1-2, 1968

A state policeman, wounded and down on the ground, killed one man and wounded another Sunday after stopping a car on U.S. 30 near Baker. State police said John A. Duggan, 25, killed Daniel Clyde Death Jr., 24, with a shot in the head and wounded Paul Clipston, 23, in the neck. Duggan lost a finger and was wounded in the hip. The incident started when Duggan stopped a car to check a stolen car report. The two men jumped from the car and fired with a shotgun and a revolver. Police said Death and Clipston were former convicts, living in Baker. The car they were driving was identified later as one stolen in Caldwell, Idaho.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 1-2, 1993

The Maryland-based U.S. Generating Company has submitted an application to the Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council for a site certificate to build a $440 million natural gas cogeneration plant near Hermiston. The site under review is on the grounds of the Lamb-Weston potato processing plant on Westland Road west of Hermiston. The application for siting is the first for a major energy-producing facility in Oregon in more than 10 years. Preparation of the application has cost U.S. Generating more than $500,000, which includes a $150,000 processing fee. The siting council has nine months to approve or deny certification of the site.

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