I took the grandkids, ages 4-13, and their buddies to see "The Pacifier" this weekend. Everyone enjoyed the show.

Although I don't particularly like Vin Diesel, he was lovable in this movie. It was funny and I think we'll buy it when it comes out.

Diesel plays a Navy SEAL. Bad guys after government secrets killed a scientist with five children on Diesel's watch, so the SEAL is trying to make amends by protecting and helping the children and their mother.

The five kids are Zoe 14 (Brittany Snow); Seth (Max Theriot), Lulu 8 (Morgan York), 3-year-old Peter and baby Tyler, about 9 months. Diesel also has to put up with the family's Romanian Nanny (Carol Kane).

One particularly bad day, the Romanian Nanny leaves the out-of-control kids; the mother calls and says she isn't coming home when expected because she is having trouble figuring out the password.

The girl's boyfriends keep sneaking in and she keeps flunking her driving tests; the school calls about Seth who hasn't been attending school and is being bullied by the school's vice-principal, played by Brad Garrett; Lulu's Girl Scouts troop is being harassed by local Cub Scouts and Diesel can't get the sleepy song/dance down right to get Peter to go to sleep; and the baby - well, that's another story.

It's a fun movie and you'll laugh out loud at some of the spots. Diesel trying to ward off the bad guys, discipline and help out the kids all at the same time is hilarious.


Teresa Moncrief is a longtime Hermiston resident who worked at a local bank for 28 years and is now employed at Umatilla Electric.


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